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Famous Runners

Running is a sport anyone can try, because all it takes are a good pair of Running Shoes and lots of determination. Here are five famous runners, who proved that with enough willpower, you can brave the distance despite all odds.

Famous Runners
  • Jesse Owens (1918-1980) - Owens is most famous for winning four gold medals in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. He became the first American to achieve that feat in the world of Olympic track and field. But more than that, Owens will be remembered for going against the odds. He showed that despite of his color, which was looked down upon by his countrymen, he could emerge victorious.

  • Michael Johnson (1967-) - At the peak of his career, Michael Johnson could easily be considered as the world's fastest man. He was known to break his own records soon after he set them. In 1995, for example, he broke his own three-week old world record in the 400-meter events by clocking 44.63 seconds. He eventually broke that record again in the 1996 Olympics with a record of 43.49 seconds. As if it weren't enough, he settled with a personal best of 43.18 seconds in 1999. Johnson is also famous for his running style. The conventional way of running is to lift knees high, but he defied it by running upright, with very short steps.

  • Mensen Ernst (1795-1843) - Norwegian ultra marathon runner Mensen Ernst is considered as one of the world's first professional athletes. He made a living out of running by placing bets on himself that he will be able to cover a certain distance at a particular time. Ernst traveled around Europe, and some parts of Asia and North Africa. One of his famous feats was when he ran from Paris to Moscow in 14 days. He succumbed to dysentery in 1843 during a quest to find the source of the Nile River.

  • Jeff Galloway (1945-) - competed in the 10,000 meter run in the 1972 Olympics and has done over 116 marathons, but the best thing about him is that he doesn’t keep his running techniques to himself. An advocate of injury-free running, Jeff is also famous in the running world as a teacher. He devised the famous Run-Walk Method. He is the author of several bestselling running books, has established the running store Phidippides, and oversees Galloway Productions which offers fitness seminars and training groups in the United States.

  • Steve Prefontaine (1951 - 1975)– At such a young age, Prefontaine was already breaking running records in America. He broke the 2-mile record in his senior year, and then went on to break other American records 14 times. Prefontaine was very charismatic, and his story has inspired a couple of films and a documentary. He is commemorated every year at the Prefontaine Memorial Run in Coos Bay, Oregon where his talent was first discovered.

The names we have listed above are just some of the most famous runners in history. There are others more like Emile Zatopek and Abebe Bikila, or it could also be the local running hero or heroine in your town. But whoever they are, we hope that they will continue inspiring you to keep on running. We hope that you were inspired by these famous runners’ stories. Have fun running!
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